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We can work with your architectural & engineering team, or provide those services for you by assembling the perfect team for your size and type of project. We can also gather the right subcontractors and suppliers to serve your specific needs. We will honor commitments, treat our customers fairly, and strive to exceed expectations. Our professional input is always in your best interest, to generate a final product that is everything you dreamed it would be.

With 4 decades of experience as a Topeka General Contractor and national general contractor, and more than 2,200 quality projects completed, we continually strive to set the standard of excellence in the construction industry for quality, service, and integrity. Through competent field coordination and supervision, we maintain quality control and timely completion, at an affordable cost. We take pride in quality work and performance in many areas to include Kansas City construction markets.


We are equipped to provide general contracting, facility maintenance, and design-build services. Our broad range of services allows us to meet the unique needs of your project, while simplifying the number of people you need to work with. Osborne's trained staff is dependable and willing to work with you and your building committee. Four decades of applied knowledge and experience qualifies us to help you throughout your decision making process when selecting your Topeka or Kansas City general contractor




We combine traditional general contractor craftsmanship with technical acumen to provide our clients with unequaled skills and solutions. Our IT infrastructure accelerates project delivery by simplifying the process of overall estimating and accounting integration. And our diverse group of project managers and superintendents offer experience in a wide range of construction types. Overall, we apply the most innovative means and methods to every project with the enduring objective of giving clients the best possible finished solution.

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