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“The Osborne Company works with remarkable integrity and competence. The lead staff was thoroughly knowledgeable, responsive, and courteous. Moreover, the team managed well the subcontractors and the schedule… to keep the work on schedule and within budget...”


~ N. McCommon, City Manager

"We are very pleased, not only with the results of our project, but also with the professionalism that was exhibited throughout the entire project.... they worked hard to finish the job on time and under budget."


~ Nat

"From an Architect's standpoint I can't think of a project I've had that has gone so smoothly. I truly came to believe that Osborne was going above and beyond to make sure the client was able to get this project done. "


~ Richard

"Let me say we are all very grateful for the excellent job of general contracting your business provided.... Your outstanding work will be enjoyed by several generations of future students and by the entire Manhattan and university communities."



"Osborne's value engineering and other cost-efficiency techniques allowed us to focus more of our resources to increse our level of finish from prior phases and maximizing the usable square footage in a design style considered 'simple elegance'.... they cared about our satisfaction..."

~ Roger

"Your team successfully completed six stores and most were done in record time. When you say you will get it done... it does indeed get done! Thank you again to a most dependable business partner."


"... I wanted to express my satisfaction with the process and personnel involved... I am pleased to say that you have exceeded my expectation in every way with very positive performance.... It is apparent that you run a company with high ethical standards."



"Your superintendent and office staff communicated well with us during each phase of the project.... And the project was completed ahead of schedule.... We are very pleased with the results of the project"



"...we have been extremely pleased with our working relationship with the company as well as the quality of work done by them. I would have no reservations in hiring [them] for other projects owned by the city of Abilene and would encourage you to consider them hignly in your selection process."


~ Allen

"....we were both surprised and gratified that the time deadlines for the construction were met. In our past dealings with others, this has not always been the case. Please consider Pratt Community College as one of your success stories..."


"The leadership, support staff, and philosophy of DF Osborne Construction Company were a good match for our project and I recommend the company as the construction manager for your project."


"Our experience with DF Osborne Construction, Inc. has been outstanding.... The quality of work has been exceptional... construction schedules have been met, most times with completion dates well ahead of schedule. "


"[the project] was completed on time, and within the budgeted amount. We were satisfied with the completed project and found DF Osborne Construction to be an excellent firm to work with"



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